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In the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) you will learn English to help you live, work and study in Australia and learn the way of life.

Helping you to settle in Australia

Our settlement course is part of your AMEP entitlement. You will gain a basic understanding of Australian society, culture, laws and services. You will also gain the skills and confidence to access government, health and social support services. The course will help improve your enjoyment of your new life in Australia.

Free English language training

In the AMEP you have up to 510 hours of lessons to improve your English by studying a Certificate in Spoken and Written English. After your enrolment interview with one of our AMEP Case Managers you will be placed in a class suitable for you.

AMEP youth program

Some young people find migrating to Australia difficult and face culture shock and trouble making new friends. They also have difficulty understanding a new education system and making decisions about study or work. Several TAFE Queensland locations offer AMEP classes for young people aged 15-24. Students not only learn English but participate in activities such sport, music, art and excursions.

Extra support to help you learn

If you have had limited education or have issues that may impact on your ability to learn, you may be eligible for extra support to prepare for study in the AMEP. These special classes provide extra English language tuition to help you understand Australian teaching styles and to identify any learning or settlement issues. Bilingual support is provided if necessary.

Your AMEP Case Manager will discuss these classes if you are eligible.

Preparing you for work

As part the AMEP, you may have the opportunity to access extra training that will help prepare you for work in Australia. This training provides eligible AMEP students with an extra 200 hours of English language tuition and up to 80 hours of work experience.

To be eligible for this course you must be able to participate in work experience. Your AMEP Case Manager will discuss your eligibility with you.

You will learn about Australian workplace language, culture and practices; how to prepare for interviews; dressing appropriately for work; and communicating with people in formal and informal situations.